Source: Yongkang City oleo leisure products factoryPublication time:2018-04-16

Scooter (Bicman) is a new form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. The speed of the scooter can reach 20 kilometers per hour. This new product comes from advanced science and technology in Japan, but it is invented by a German worker. It is a simple, labor-saving machine.

As early as three years ago, scooters have been introduced into China, but the price is too high at that time, and few people are interested in it. Until this time, the price of it fell sharply, and the producers were crazy to sell it, making it "popular", and it was important to play the scooter with high understanding and courage, which was in line with the taste of the imaginative and challenging teenagers, and now the scooter has become a new generation of teenage sports products. It can be seen that its charm is not inferior to skateboard.