Children's scooter play

Source: Yongkang City oleo leisure products factoryPublication time:2018-04-16

At the beginning, support the wall or rely on others to help you stand and practice how to grasp the balance.

Method 1:

First, one foot is on the front side of the skateboard, and the other one is on the ground and sliding forward. Then, the other foot is on the back of the skateboard. The swing of the waist and two thighs makes the sliding direction forward S.

Method 2:

At the same time, pedal the front and rear part of the skateboard, then instantly lean forward, and use the inertia to move and slide. Then, the swing on the waist and the two thighs, and the pedaling of the left and right pedaling, make the skateboard go forward in the direction of S.

Maintenance methods:

A: avoid overloading and how to use it

B: avoid using in water and too much dust.

C: to avoid a collision and beat a violent stampede

The three wheel wagging vehicle has very high technical requirements in appearance and performance quality. As for the hardening process of material, the quality of a screw is quite different from that of a regular car. It is made with the requirements of sports equipment. Three wheeled scooter, sports leisure new feeling. Just twist the steering wheel and waist lightly, and you can easily ride your bike. The speed is 15 kilometers per hour. Portable and durable; PU wear high elastic belt with flash, exercise more reliable.